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03 August 2016 @ 05:50 pm
you probably can't tell (or maybe you can lmao), but this is nothing but a blog full of random shit i'll be posting in the future lol. welp i doubt anyone would read this blog but i guess an introduction is only necessary aye?

idk but here's my profile huhuCollapse )

i can't promise consistent uploads and posts (i might go dead in between updates but don't worry, cause that's how i am with everything lmao) but when i do post be prepared for useless rants, random fangirling and possible reviews on jdrama (though the last one seems unlikely lmao). most of my posts will likely be either about SixTONES, Yasui Kentrao-kun or random bullshit i need to rant about haha i just recently joined the JE fandom a month or two ago (?) idk haha but please treat me kindly ! add me if you want to and i'll add you back :3 (though i doubt anyone will read this anyways lol). Bye bye :p

also random, but i've kinda gotten into kinpuri but thats mostly because i lowkey ship jinguji yuta-chan with iwahashi genki-kun huhu

aren't they just adorable btw *dies from cuteness*
27 December 2016 @ 09:13 pm
hey guys, and yes im not dead huhu but yeah ello :)

so like once upon a time, 13/14 year old ai jia had like 5 fan accounts on instagram filled w shitty edits cause she was a piece of trash and now....

she made two fan accounts and shes much more of a piece of trash then she already was :")

so yeah i made two new ig accounts; one for johnny jr units & je artists (in particular,, sixtones, love-tune, kisumai, buaasiku, hsj, sz, johnnys west) (@taiga.trash) and one fore demi lovato (@lovatotrash). it'd be vvvv appreciated if you checked them out huhu

i only have one picture up for my JE account,, here's the edit i posted :)

tq <3
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11 November 2016 @ 08:11 pm
hey guys, don't worry im not dead (not that anyone would care anyways HAHA). so something happened recently and I wanted to tell y'all...

I THINK I'M OBSESSED W SPEXIAL AHH *screams in mandarine*

lmao so for anyone who doesn't know who Spexial is (which is probably everyone) they're a Taiwanese boyband who originally had 4 members from 2012-2013, added 3 more members in 2014, added 3 more in 2015 and recently just added 2 more in June lol so in total there's 12 members rn and there's a slim chance the company might add more, tbh i don't want anymore like i'm already having trouble w all their names so any new members from now on won't really help HAHA

4 members (2012-2013)

7 members (2014)

10 members 2 were away in the army (2015)

12 members ( June 2016 -- Present)

well, my bias is obvs 明杰 (Ming Jie) (Brent) <3

He's my cutie pie and mainly the reason why i got into them lol <3 so what happened was a friend of my sister's introduced them to her and they were planning to go to their meet & greet/concert thingy here in Malaysia (which is this Sunday for a matter of fact :3) but her friend can't make it so she asked me to accompany her, so i said why not lmao (Yes, yes. I bought their tickets before I even knew who they were LMAO don't judge me okay I did it for the lols) so fast forward to like 2 days ago I decided to look up some of their songs cause i don't wanna show up clueless and make a fool out of myself y'kno and stumbled upon their (newest btw) music video of their song 憂傷來襲 When Grief Strikes and somehow fell in love w 明杰 :")

like idk man i think i have a problem w obsessing over too many boy bands HAHA so yeah lol im like hella excited to meet them the day after tomorrow like I CANNOT I ONLY STARTED FANGIRLING OVER THEM LIKE 2 DAYS AGO BUT I CANT HELP IT OMF WTF IS WRONG W ME *screams*

but i guess that's it so buuai :3
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09 October 2016 @ 02:35 pm
hey, gais so how y'all doing :3

so i've just converted SixTONES's performance of IN THE STORM on the recent shokura into a .mp3 file and here it is :)

don't click thisCollapse )

so yeah i guess that's it HAHAHHA but on a side note i'm like so in love w this song i just jbhdfiasbdfshdjbf i'm dying omf *sheds a tear* but yeah i guess that's it so buuai:p

so cute :")
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03 October 2016 @ 12:27 am
hey, just some stuff cause i'm tired and bored and stuff haha idk

so my exams are starting, yey :-) not like i've been stressing over them fore the past few days, mostly cause i never listen in class lmao + my grades have been falling so far this yerar so i wanna make a come back, i guess? but honestly idk if i can, but let's hope for the best aye :")

i've also got a lot of other things going on such as my school club and what not.. we're holding a carnival soon and as we're pretty new to being the BOD thing (we just stepped up in July this year), we're having some issues here and there and me being the secretary isn't helping me LOL i just have so many reports and proposals to write idk haha :p

also idk if anybody actually cares but remember those wallpapers i made and posted? welp idk if i'm gonna continue making them lmao the hype only lasted 3 days, sadly also with my finals coming and whatnot - i dont have the time. but i doubt anyone is phased by this so eh i guess that's that.

i also got new glasses cause my old pair broke while i was going to wipe it lmao so here's a picture i guess :3 also the first ever picture i'm posting here so woo!

<-- loving my new glasses tbh, tho they kinda hurt when wearing for a long time huhu :p

also it's my friend's birthday now lul idk why i'm saying this but hey, its her birthday so whatever lel

idk if anybody will bother reading this since it's like 12AM where i am plus i doubt anybody would care enough to read through this whole thing but oh welp :3 guess i'll see y'all whenever, wherever then. buuai ^^
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12 September 2016 @ 05:35 pm
hey gais so like i've mentioned before, i've turned to graphics/wallpaper making in order to pass the time due to my computer and it fucking me over w its lack of space and my lack of a hard disk so uh i might as well share it w y'all i guess :3 also yay! to me finally contributing to the fandom community :p

don't click thisCollapse )

yeap i guess that's it! i still have quite a few of wallpapers made but i'll share them when the whole lot is done, you'll know when im finished :p till next time <3
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10 September 2016 @ 04:41 pm
so my one week holiday has just started and me being me, has nothing better to do w her life so i'm gonna share some stuff w y'all cause why not also pls read till the end for a lil treat~

so as y'all (probably) know i'm pretty new to the whole jpop and JE scene thingy and i only recently got into the bands im into now (SixTONES, Hey! Say! JUMP, Johnny's WEST etc.) so i don't really know any other groups/am too lazy to bother getting into them lol but recently i've been v into Hey! Say! JUMP so of course i searched up and watched anything and everything i could about them like duh obviously and like i read up about Morimoto Ryutaro and found out about zero and i think i kinda like them

its like ive always kind of knew about him, i mean his younger brother (Morimoto Shintaro) is in SixTONES aka the first boyband i got into tho they have yet to debut T.T so i kinda knew who he was. then when i started getting into Hey! Say! JUMP i started reading more about him out of curiousity and boredom and stumbled upon an article on aramajapan on his new vocal-dance group (aka boyband) ZERO

when i first heard their song Direct i was like "what" lmao cause it was pretty weird the first time hearing it but after a few times you learn to love it everytime i listen to it i always end up wanting to listen to it again (mostly cause i kinda forget how it goes and always want to remember idk lmao im weird like that) tho i have yet to start liking For You heh. sooooooo yeahh i kinda like ZERO, i wouldn't exactly call myself a fan but maybe one day huhu i want to listen to the full version of both For You and Direct and their other songs as well but idk where to find them lul, sadly they only have the short ver. of both the songs on their yt channel :/

don't click thisCollapse )

welp i guess that's all for today, till next time :3

<-- me @ my lack of space on my PC T.T
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06 September 2016 @ 07:19 pm
hey gais, so as it seems i've been so bored these past few days that i keep feeling the need to post new entries for no apparent reason lmao but yeah here i am so let's hear some stuff while we're at it, why not

so one thing that's been on my mind lately is the fact that i literally have zero space left on my computer, like i only have 9GB left and my obsession with johnny's groups countless videos on my pc are to blame :-) i've been trying to live off of that 9-11GB i have left by deleting videos i'm meh over but i'ts been a hard time, man. i wanna get a hard disk (like any other normal person would in my position) but knowing my mom it'll take a while lmao

also, my birthday was yesterday (yey!) so i'm officially 15 years old :") adulthood, here i come! but somehow, instead of celebrating it by going to school and falling asleep in class, i got my ass stuck in Penang the past two days but i mean, i got to skip school so who's complaining? :p
i actually just arrived in KL from Penang and idk i'm pretty tired but i felt the need to write this and download some more videos so.. #priorities man

blek idk i guess im done welp buuai i guess

sah coot :-)
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19 August 2016 @ 11:17 pm
hai gais, just thought i'd drop by and update my non-existent friends who might read this lol

so today's been pretty bleh tbh, i had a mun to go to (model united nations, if y'all dk what it is. google it or something idk) but i wasn't delegating but helping out the crisis team in stead, which basically translates to having to do work lmao although we didn't do a lot, cause the first day only lasts about an hour (cause of opening ceremonies and shiz) i'm still pretty damn tired.

ALSO, i went to this hawker store place thingy idk for dinner and when we arrived the place was packed cause they were all free loading to watch the olympics aND LEE CHONG WEI BEAT LINDAN WOOOOOO LIKE LEGIT IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM, I KNOW ITS JUST THE SEMIS BUT STILL! MALAYSIA MIGHT GET A GOLD THIS TIME AND IM PRETTY DAMN EXCITED YAS

also funny story, but the moment he won everyone cheered and started leaving the store lmaooo like a place packed full of people became relatively empty withing 5 minutes can you imagine?

btw recently i've been getting into hey! say! JUMP and legit can't get enough of them aksbfiahsbd i'm like ded *dies* my ichiban is either daiki or inoo but a part of me really likes yamada but idk daiki is my fav (i've lowkey liked him ever since i watched Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku huhu) while inoo is a cutie pie so he can't not be my ichiban 'numsayin

welp i guess that's it, my life's pretty boring so don't expect any interesting updates anytime soon but oh welp. buuai :3

<- i also lowkey ship the both of them together jacobsjcfh they're so cute omf i love this pairing help my poor soul pls
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14 August 2016 @ 06:27 pm
hi i'm back ^^ (yes, yes i know i was here only a day ago but i'm bored so blek :p)

so as y'all know, i'm rather new to the whole JE fandom (legit just joined about a month ++ ago, back in late june -> read on how i got into JE here) so really i don't know shit about many JE groups. initially i joined the fandom because of sixtones so i mainly focused on them and the juniors but slowly i started getting into debuted groups such as kisumai and ジャニーズWEST and now...


when i first heard about sexy zone i didn't really have any reaction tbh, i was just like oh another JE group like i wasn't really repulsed or intrigued by their name or anything (like i know some people were)

tbh the reason why i got into debuted groups in the first place is cause i ran out of sixtones videos to watch so i downloaded some random ones for the heck of it, and same goes for sexy zone. i stumbled upon a subber on lj who subs sexy zone videos and downloaded a few interviews and shiz cause i was bored and kind of fell in love with the members haha

Admittedly this took me quite a few videos (like maybe in the span of a week) for me to start liking them for real but eh lmao tho, i did know about them. i remember reading somewhere about their 3/2 split (tbh idk how the split is going rn cause i'm new and all tho i think it's gotten better and i'm so glad it is! tbh i think the factor that stopped me from liking them earlier on was the split, i mean i won't be able to handle shit man) so i googled them up i think? the memory's kinda fuzzy but eh *shrugs*

in terms of who's my ichiban uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm not sure lmao like at first it was kento/fuma cause i was more familiar with them through dramas (Kurosai-kun no iinari ni nante naranai SP for kento, and kamen teacher for fuma)
but then it changed to marius cause i found out he's only a year older than me (!!!) + he's cute huhu. then i watched 49 (drama) and started liking shori but then i started watching sexy zone channel episodes and started liking sou (i mean he's so fucking adorable akjbfkasj tho my first impression of him was that he was ugly lmao i mean this was the first pic that came up when i googled sexy zone for the first time -> )

recently i've been leaning towards fuma cause idk he gives off this very manly feeling and he seems like someone who'd act all tough and bully you but has a secret soft side and ugh is that my weakness *dies*

well that's it i guess lmaoo legit i have nothing else to say so.. bye?

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